Problems with Interface


I have since some time big problems with the interface on Mac:
Crash after finishing. Crash by the start. Crash during some teleports. Fully not able to close the interface.

Today download of mac 2920 - all things were gone from my place, also if I have nothing changed at the domain server and assignment client. Have teleported to other place. There the things slowly were to see. Teleporting back, also at my place the things are back.

I delete an item, short after this the item is back. I change my avatar, short after this the old avatar is back.

The marketplace button is over the microphone button. The joints rotation fully don’t work more.


So it seems, that this isn’t only a Mac problem.


After update to mac-2923 I have now 5 edit.js and 5 user.js running. Try to remove the scripts -> crash
Try to stop all scripts -crash.

I have tried it also at my localhost -> same result.


when you restart after a crash you should get the option of resetting your Interface.ini. Have you tried that?


Yes I get it. There are 3 possibilities. Until now I have started with my current settings.
If I reset all, will this also take my personal token and my domains and places?


2930 has brought some changes. The joint rotation with script works now again from time to time - but mostly not. The buttons are now again at the right side of the screen. The reset with remaining my personal data has helped. No crash at start and all the running scripts are gone.

Tp also has worked.


all works now much better, no crash after closing the interface also after some tp.


Finally I have found, why my poses sometime work and mostly not since some time. It seems to be a timing problem. Maybe it is the new animation system of hifi, which dos slow down the animation functions so much, that the condition
if ( passedTime <= animationLenght )

was passed mostly before something was done. Well I set all joints of the avatar. So it may need some time. But before the changes in hifi all has worked fine.


I have tested a bit more. This is the function, which needs so much time:

for (var i = 0; i < pose.length; i++)
{ startRotation = Quat.safeEulerAngles(MyAvatar.getJointRotation(pose[i].joint));
var transitionVector = Vec3.subtract(pose[i].rotation,startRotation);
else if (meditating==true)
var transitionVector = Vec3.subtract(pose2[i].rotation,startRotation);

The setting of the joints data seems to work ok.


Build 2940 - something has changed. As long as the script is opened in the script window, it is now much faster and I can use my old conditions. If I close the script window, it again is slow.
All very mysterious.

Dos somebody read this, or write I only for me? :smile: