Procedural entities arent rendering


I havent had time to drill down to see what the Log says about problems compiling shaders, but all my procedural textures on entities are either grey or default red. They change shades as you view from different angles.

The procedural skies seem to be fine its just the entity textures.

Is anyone else seeing this?


If they are the same color as the original entity, and/or change shades as viewed from other angles, it means that there is an error in the the shader it self:

It could be related to the bug I had to done a bug fix a few weeks back where I fixed an issue of the emit value being completely ignored from the custom shader, that should be present on return for getProceduralColors.

Check that the shaders always returns the emit value.
Make sure that the custom shaders return 0.0-1.0 and that should solve the issue. 0 => non emissive, 1.0 => emissive, while anywhere between is various levels of emissiveness