Programing challenge


It’s no secret that I want HiFi to be Roblox 2.0 instead of SL 2.0.

We’re allways saying that there is nothing to do in HiFi. You can’t chat you can’t dress up your avatar. And the Devs are saying that HiFi is just a VR ‘web’ server. We know HiFi sucks at graphics(It’s hard to get your models into HiFi and then they don’t look right even if you do.), lets see how HiFi does at programing.

So my challenge is take a Roblox tutorial like this and try porting it to HiFi.


I’d be down for that… if I was slightly more competent with something that would be teachable and in Javascript in general.


I read this and tried out Roblox and… coming from that I can’t understand the comment that ‘the graphics suck’? I mean… Roblox felt like it has less fidelity than Minecraft even, and certainly more trolls.


I meant it’s hard feting your graphics into HiFi and looking right.

Yah Roblox has that not Legos thing going that makes their avatars look especially bad.