Project Sansar preview SOLD OUT



That would be the AIA public meeting demoing Sansar. NDAs required to see the demo.

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Yeah I would love to see just what they are reaching for, even with NDA’s insight on where people are at and where they plan to go is inspiring.


Choice is always good in the market it leads people to do better things for the future look forward to seeing everybody’s efforts :slight_smile:


All I know for sure is that the word sansar means ‘an icy Iranian wind’

So my best guess is that there is gonna be a fresh wind in the virtual worlds with project sansar.

That sounds oke, makes me wonder how it is gonna connect with the other worlds …


We’ve been keen (along with a contact who uses Second Life as a platform for commercial services in the education sector) to gather as much information on the new ‘SL2’ for a good while. (Presuming ‘Sansar’ is the codename for it)

It’ll be interested to see what approach they take for it, or if it will just be SL but using nextgen techniques for world generation.


From what Ive heard they are trying to distance Sansar from SL Brand because it is different, especially considering they pick content creators instead of letting full reign for everyone.

Time will tell though.


I know the massive concern for SL residents is the portability of inventory, which is a concern I share after spending figures in the quad zeros on assets within the SL metaverse.


Its interesting as we have all seen nothing but speculation and a log in page.Not a lot to discuss
What I do know is the second life "I happen to be rather a big deal " in second life people, have no interest in other virtual worlds cos they would prefer not to risk their livelihoods by diluting the user pool.


Aren’t we expecting some kind of press release/official announcement from LL early next year?

Edit: Yeah, asking the guy who’s under NDA to give gossip on Sansar didn’t work. I’ll try again after getting him drunk sometime.


I bet sansar will be using an awful lot of hifi code. Linden Labs is invested in HiFi, so it’s probably a private HiFi grid. Kind of reminds me what happened to AOL once upon a time, they were a big ISP then lost footing and ended up becoming a provider of free email and chat services.

They probably could make meager money as a private hifi grid if they allow SLers to keep their avatars and inventory, but still LL ruined trust with most of their users by rigging currency value, overselling (and stacking) sims and being generally too slow to develop improvements and anything new. Almost everything they did alienated users to the point of not having many anymore. Personally I will never be going back there no matter what they do. They could be handing out gold bricks and I would still avoid them.

I like HiFi because it is what SL wanted to be in the beginning before it painted itself into a corner. This is more like VR web, which I feel is the future. Also massive hats off to Phillip who jumped ship because of all this to pursue his original vision.

I just hope hifi doesn’t end up being another SL full of restrictions and power grabbing. Running the domain name service, directory and currency gives them a lot of power. I hope they don’t abuse it.


This is just what I have been saying all along. The future of VR points to all of the stuff HiFI is doing, and LL just kinda has to go along with this. Sort of a manifest destiny.