Proper controls for Graphics and Audio ? / Domain


Since people are starting to experiment with audio especially and graphics

when are we going to see some proper permissions and control of audio/graphics through the interface

or people can connect their scripts to do this properly

I want to know what the roadmap is for this

Also for the community what would you like for your own set up Sandbox/ Domain Under the settings


I was chatting to Kevin about this yesterday.
The audio zones we can make in the domain settings would be so much easier if they could be included in the in-world zone settings. So I can just drag a box around an area I want to have reverb.


It also gives (extra permission setting on the sandbox) allowed users with build permission for that type of zone the option to create it. without give them access to the web console.

It would for sure making zones in a bnig city much more easy. and if it’s notc orrect just move and scale it.

Good idea i think !