Property Suggestions


I am working with physics today, comparing it to the vehicles support I wrote for another grid. Now maybe this has already been done and the docs do not reflect it, but:

AngularDamping and Damping should be an {x,y,z} vector or polymorphic (either a single number or vector). Setting the number sets all three values in the vector, setting the values in the vector creates different damping values for each axis. This is very important when simulating differential friction in complex vehicles.

Some behaviors can be either very expensive to simulate using scripts or look jumpy since it is doubtful a script can maintain a steady high FPS simulation. I would like to see at the physics frame simulation level a local gravity field attractor where one sets an alignment strength in seconds, -n to n. Negative strength values indicate the orientation of the entity’s Y-axis (UP) aligns opposite to the local gravity field, and positive values align the Y-axis coincident with the local gravity field.

[Edit, adjust terminology (vector instead of object) as the HF docs are inconsistent]