Proposal: Later in the year update to JS engine to match ECMAScript 6 standard


Last weekend, I by happenstance participated in my office work-hackathon to explore ECMAScript 6 some further;

To those uninitiated, thats ECMAScript is a scripting standard which JS extends upon. This new version isn’t not yet out, but this standard is set to be released on sometime this month. So there is no rush for this yet.

I would like this to be something High Fidelity would implement into it scripting engine before going out of alpha (to work out kinks, such as what we have witnesses so far).

There are a lot of conventions that have been freshed up, making anything scripting language extending on the standard more closer to modern scripting languages (such as ruby/python/groovy) standards which looks really promising.
This could also make sure that by release, High Fidelity would be uptodate with js conventions.

Now what worries me is the fact that High Fidelity might be a bit too reliant on Qt for this. So is High Fidelity actually running on QtScript? (I have not tested the scripting engine that far yet) If so, can this, or will it eventually upgraded to the newer standard.

Ofcourse, Please do keep the rendering, model rendering and initial stability stuff in priority for now. I will probably just experiment If I can inject babel.js into the existing scripts and see what that does :smiley: