Proposed New Locomotion Scheme


Hello everyone,

We’re experimenting with a new locomotion scheme for moving around within High Fidelity.

At the heart of this experiment is getting all the controls for walking, flying and teleporting onto the a single input mechanism. In this case the joysticks on Rift.

Part of the problem we’re trying to solve is that when new users try VR for the first time, they often struggle with the placement of the buttons and joysticks. This is particularly a problem for users who don’t have a lot of experience with video games.

Here’s the PR and how it works (works in Rift in HMD only):

In HMD mode:

  • Right joystick forward to show teleport beam; return right joystick back to center to teleport. (Instead of A and X buttons.)
  • Right joystick backward takes no action.
  • Left and right joysticks; left and right snap-turn

In HMD mode with Settings > Controls > Advanced Movement in VR plus Flying & Jumping (HMD):

  • Left joystick; left and right sidestep - forward and back drive
  • To initiate flying, while stationary point your left hand upward (within 40 degrees of vertical) and do left joystick forward, then wait for the countdown graphic displayed on your hand to complete. (Instead of right joystick forward.)
  • Flying is directly up/down with left joystick forward/backward if your left hand is point upward, otherwise it is in the direction of your head.
  • While flying, tilt (roll) your head left/right to turn left/right. (No change.)

Give it a try if you’re so inclined. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Bear in mind that it’s built on Master, so if you use this PR you’ll only have access to a limited number of domains. Also, as with any project that’s still in the labs, the final product is likely to look different.

Feel free to provide any feedback here and we’ll keep it in mind as we consider rolling out improvements to moving around High Fidelity.

Thanks, and see you in-world



Just quickly chiming in to ask that when considering improvements to locomotion, please try to address the speed issue that I’ve brought up in another previous post. It would be really nice to A) be able to easily run in HMD mode and B) have a better speed control when flying. My main point about flying is that it’s one of the most fun activities there is in High Fidelity, but currently it’s impossible to fly with anyone else, whether in HMD or desktop, because of how fast you fly. Not saying I want to fly slow, but I think maybe a few speeds or something?


Will this by any chance also support the joysticks on Windows MR hand controllers?