Protecting the Young from highfidelity staff members


What is highfidelity going to do to protect young and innocent children from abusive adults?
Especially if that adult works for highfidelity.
Is it ethical sound does highfidelity condone adults working in their business using children to make content for themselves.
Are these new problems for highfidelity? Or are these transplants from Second Life?


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Highfidelity should send a clear message. Even if it is their staff member. Pedophilia will not be accepted on our platform.


I know judging highfidelity past record Ion protecting their own above All Else they will probably take this down and go after me. So I am screen capturing this and duplicating it on other platforms.


Have you forgot to take your pills?


Abuse will not be tolerated.
Saying somebody has mental illness to shut them up it’s both hateful and against terms of service.


What let you conclude that you have there a case of pedophilia?


An adult dressing like a 12 year old fairy. hanging out a loan. How they acted together and what they talked about when I could listening. Those to make me very uncomfortable. Even if it is just immaturity. A employee of highfidelity getting a juvenile to do scripting work for her. Her hanging out in the domain occasionally High on marijuana with the same person in the domain at the same time. This is inappropriate Behavior.


ok, so it’s based on their avatar appearance that you led you to that conclusion.

And this is enough for you to push irreversible and destructive comment all over the web to make sure that HF will get burn forever?


And adult statements they had made while together. I will not repeat it here.


I do know for certain. She recently put in a pull request. It should be still findable on the GitHub. Most likely her pull request was denied because she was not able to sign the contract everybody has to sign before they submit a pull request. Juveniles are not legally allowed to sign contracts. How do you think it is ethical for an employee of highfidelity to get the same juvenile two code for her? Thank God there is a record of the blockchain transactions.


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