Publish my place to the directory page



I’ve set up my domain and bought a place name to associate with it. Everything seems good. I am at the point that my friend could run interface client by navigating to my HIFI URL. hifi://magnetar I’ve also upload an image for my domain. What else do I need to do to get my domain published in the directory page?


Hey @lazydino! Have you made sure your domain-server has a valid access token?

We have your domain-server heartbeat to us every so often so we know that it is online - the domain-server needs a valid access token set in its settings (you can get here by clicking on the settings button in Stack Manager) to send those.


I am running the domain server on a Cent OS hosting in Amazon, so I won’t be able to access stack manager which is made for Mac and Windows? Is there any other way to validate the token? If I don’t have a valid token, the interface client would still work against my domain?


Oh, no problem. You don’t need to be running the StackManager to get to those domain-server settings.

Domain-server settings will be accessible over HTTP at port 40100 - make sure that port is in your security group on AWS so you can reach it and then you should be able to admin the domain-server via the web settings by going to http://AWS_IP:40100 in your browser.

Without the access token the interface client can still certainly connect to your domain - we currently just don’t show those domains in the directory because we don’t know if it is online or not.


@lazydino also have a look at these steps:


Thanks, I think I went through these procedures yesterday, but maybe I just pasted the wrong stuffs, Let me re-generate the token, and start over the domain registration again.


OK, let me know how you go. We will get you up.



I assume my problem is because I was pasting a bad token yesterday. I am now regenerate a new token, and past it back to the config page at my http://[AWS_IP:40100. So I just click ‘Save and restart’ button and wait? I shouldn’t need to create a new domain ID, should I?


that should do it. If not email me. chris at highfidelity dot io


Chris, that Link appears to be out of date


I think @chris means this one.


Note also that will only show a count of online domains. It no longer shows the list of place names. There seems to be no way to see all the place names, just the filtered names as seen via interface when you press the [Enter] key.

In the good old days it used to look like this, populated with the list of place names: