Put a clock on your tablet



If you want to know when it’s time to go bed…
Here’s an application that adds a clock on your tablet.
(The button is also a web browser if you click on it.)

Available in 2 formats: 24h and 12h am/pm

That won’t be available on the Marketplace. Apparently, this app is too simple to be accepted. (An it was to be free.)
So now you know. it exists.


What timezone is it using ? i hope SLT. otherwise you communicate between people with wrong times if want to see each other at a specified time.

Using local time is bad idea.

Not sure if it’s because the app is simple. and i marketplace supported a free option not long ago. It’s not something in coding that’s wrong ?

Thing like this must be posible to put on marketplace to.


This is your own local time.
My goal was to be able to know what time it is when I’m on HMD.
I don’t really care of the “Pacific time” when I’m checking the hour to know when it’s time to go bed.
(Yeah, I do have such bad ideas just for my personal use.)

A “Pacific Time” Clock would be another script for a different objective. (I would plug it on a link that lead to the event calendar)
If you need that, help your-self, the script are there, feel free to code your own.


Your on oculus ?
Because on the HTC vive i just press a button to open the steamVR menu. there’s a clock to.

But, that’s not so immersive as your clock! :slight_smile:


I finally got a viable answer regarding why they were refusing to put it on marketplace.
Apparently a tablet app need imperatively to be linked to a local html page:

“This is both in keeping with the design convention for tablet apps, and also the way the certificate system and blockchain track purchases. It needs that HTML file to exist and be local to the project.”

I suppose that we can do what we want on that html page, including a redirection.


I have some idea. Mabye you like it.

Put two clocks in the clock app. Local time and hifi time.


I would use this app, I hope you can get it onto the marketplace!


Someone added this on the “Event” application
This is on the Market place.


Oh, ok, thank you for letting me know.