Put chat script in seperate window


This annoying. when you click chat or other button. your create window is closed. I want to keep the create window open while i can access things like people etc.

Get a Flashback and feeling that this are old not fixed problems.
Putting everything in tiny tablet in desktop mode does not work.


I agree that there are problems with having a single page tablet. I ran into it when I was trying to take a snapshot while playing an emote. I thought that was what the pin button was for, but it does not seem to do anything.

A possible solution would be to have tear able tablet pages. if you wanted to have chat always open, you could just tear it off and it would become a separate window that would stay open while you then could do something else on the tablet. Or tear off the emote window to take snaps while doing emotes.

I know this sort of clutters up the view in an HMD but once there are many tablet apps available, I think this issue will happen a lot.


Can we then tear it off to a second screen. to avoid the clutter in desktop mode on your world screen ? In some way i think the apprach of having everything locked in one window is wrong. Android or ipad lovers (not me) could make interface so you can use the tablet to replace the tablet etc. and have your world screen clean.

Yes i do think desktop. VR is cool and fun. but not for constant use.