Q&A for Remote Machine Stack Manager Admins


I recently setup a remote sandbox server for the purpose of running Stack Manager. It’s within arms reach, but running it 24/7 for the last day I tunneled in to find that StackManager.exe had stopped running.

Ok, no problem I just manually restart it. But what if I wanted to do this on an entirely automated Scheduled Task (Windows 7 Pro x64). Could I not run something to check running process once a minute, and then ‘re-boot’ StackManager.exe in the event that it rage quits?

Even if I’m able to engage the .exe automatically, I still have the issue of pushing the big RED button to “Start” the processes / assignment-clients. So that would be another wall to get over.

Just a thought. But wanted to toss this out there. cc: @OmegaHeron @Coal

Re: create a batch file upon startup to run the executable
Yeah, but that only gets me halfway there. For example, when running a crypto mining machine, you can tell Windows what programs to run at start up. So ideally, what I’m looking for in an analogous kind of way, is to author a .bat file that contains the needed commands to trigger the “Start” button AFTER the updating period (if any) and then tell Windows to run that at startup but ALSO, create a Scheduled Task that checks the alive status for StackManager.exe and subsequently run same .bat if dead.


Create a batch file upon startup to run the executable.


You can also assign a task by:
1)Click Windows Key
2)type Task Scheduler
3)Create a new task make sure you trigger option ‘at log on’


Wouldn’t it be nice if one could start stackmananager.exe -autostart or -reboottime 2d


Another problem I have run into is that there are some Interface updates that are incompatible with older versions of the AC/Stackmanager. When you go to a domain that is running an older version, when running an updated Interface, you get the message “This domain is running an incompatible version” or something like that.

When this happens, you must stop and restart the domain so that it gets updated before anyone can access it with the latest version of Interface.

I thought I heard Chris say at a meetup that the HiFi domain servers were set to update automatically when new versions were available. It would be nice to have a check box in the domain settings to enable auto updating. Or maybe auto update when no activity or active users are present.