QDeclarativeAudio Not Functional Windows 10


Carry-over from a different topic. This defect prevented Windows 10 users from hearing the QML audio stream I configured for the concert at “open” and a scramble ensued shortly thereafter. :smiley:

Windows 7 confirmed functional.
Windows 10 confirmed defect.

@Jherico, is there something deep rooted in qml that is causing this?
Any help or insight is much appreciated.Thanks in advance!

This line is shown in the logs of folks having the issue…

[06/11 15:52:04] [DEBUG] audio obj: QDeclarativeAudio(0x1d02995fa90)

and it is spawned from

if (audio.playbackState == Audio.StoppedState){
                console.log("Bad state: "+audio.playbackState);
				console.log("audio obj: "+audio.toString());

see also:



tl dr; DEVS please fix this for windows 10 and I’ll be placing a QML “boombox” on the Marketplace

Yesterday I had a conversation in QML local chat with @Adrian. I said, “hey let me grab a headset real quick.” His response, “why? i wont hear you over this music.”
“music? OH! you must be using Windows 7.”
“you’re kidding right?”
“nope, my QML streamer only works in Windows 7. I must have forgot I left it on. here, open it up and change the volume, switch the stream, or turn it off…”

Please guys, this one was kind of a big deal for me. When I saw it functional ((a vanilla version of it)) working in “Dreaming” @Jherico 's domain I knew I needed to build one. So I did; and now it’s scrap unless the bug gets addressed.

Can we at least be told if it is or is not on the pipeline? Resizing of QML windows is also broken at this time and was recorded by Mr. Rosedale 2 weeks ago. I hope these 2 fixes make it into the next beta build.

If you’d like to reproduce this situation gather 2 HF capable machines: 1 Win7 / 1 Win10 and just drop them both into “hifi://open” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Win7 will blast audio into a QML that you have control of, while Win10 will fail and dump out to the logs.

Thanks in advance. I’ve been patiently awaiting this fix since the June Party @open last month when this problem surfaced.

cc: @ZappoMan


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news… but we don’t currently have plans to do any work on fixing qml audio in the next release. As I’ve said in the past QML is not an officially supported feature of our platform.


News to me. I’ll carry on without it then.
Chin up; knees straight. Onward!