QML and ATP no LOVE for my UI Homeboyz?


While working on figuring out the cryptic, Image not proper bug, and realizing I was the one holding the bag, I remembered WHY it wasn’t upon ATP in the first place.

The issue: QML does not support ATP image links. Desired: ATP for EVERY ASSET! :smiley: please and thank you.

New Bug filed here:

[06/09 10:01:06] [DEBUG] Created component QQmlComponent(0x327a21f0) from source file:atp:/aqui/audio_streaming_v5.qml

[06/09 10:01:06] [WARNING] file:///C:/Program Files/High Fidelity/resources/qml/hifi/overlays/ImageOverlay.qml:9:5: QML Image: Protocol "atp" is unknown

this was the QML line that broke my spirit and throws the bug:

		width: parent.width; height: parent.height
		fillMode: Image.Tile

and this is what it looks like when integrated via URL instead:

cc: @Jherico

Add support for using ATP to host custom QML and related assets

It looks like most of our code does some sort of special casing for ATP requests directly instead of creating a custom QNetworkAccessManager class that can handle them. As such, the QML engine (which only uses the QNetworkAccessManager for URL resolution) can’t cope with the ATP URLs. I’ll take a look at how hard it would be to fix.


@Jherico good news! @AlphaVersionD is able to pipe it in from his other computer so its a work around.



I have found an additional bug when attempting to call a basic QML file as the source for an OverlayWindow.

Is it possible to at a minimum call .qml assets from javascript files stored on the ATP? I realize calling atp assets from within .qml itself is perhaps challenging or even impossible, but it is my understanding that you guys control the behavior of JS functions in the API…

Please help me with this one, I’m building a fairly envolved UI system, and I’d very much appreciate all assets upon the ATP for obvious reasons.

var center_QML_URL = 'atp:/aqui/AQUI_chat_v109.qml'; 

var aquiWindowChat = new OverlayWindow({
    source: center_QML_URL,
    width: 400,
    height: 150,
    visible: false

Also, is there something different that needs to occur for messages mixer? My JS is printing the pickup, but the messages are no longer arriving inside the QML file where they used to be printed to the overlay. Thoughts?

[06/22 16:00:39] [DEBUG] script:print()<< Got message from QML in script
[06/22 16:00:39] [DEBUG] script:print()<< anything other than that
[06/22 16:00:39] [DEBUG] script:print()<< GOT MESSAGE
[06/22 16:00:39] [DEBUG] script:print()<< channel: local_chat_channel
[06/22 16:00:39] [DEBUG] script:print()<< message: anything other than that
[06/22 16:00:39] [DEBUG] script:print()<< sender: {feb0a3fe-4d14-4f6d-a5f6-3bf66ac74da1}
[06/22 16:00:39] [DEBUG] script:print()<< loc_chat_subscribed:true
[06/22 16:00:39] [DEBUG] script:print()<< inside if conditional...
[06/22 16:00:39] [DEBUG] script:print()<< post .sendToQml()...

Thanks in advance.


Rooted it.

Looks like QML and Windows 10 just refuse to play along.

Here is the same domain, on Windows 7.

Please fix QML Windows 10 problems. I don’t know why they don’t play nice. I won’t be continuing development on the UI until it’s resolved. :frowning: I won’t be spending time developing for multiple platforms… that is the ENTIRE point of QML…

SOOOO frustrating…

cc: @chris, @KevinMThomas, @Caitlyn


Welcome to the club, am on hold to, until the fixt at least the alpha texture problem.


I guess the good news about various people on hold for different reasons: textures, render speed, physics, QML, collision shapes, and missing scripting methods means we provided good test coverage. Fall should be awesome.


This is just weird…


Just merged this. You guys should be good to go.

Add support for using ATP to host custom QML and related assets