QML content scrolling causes crash


QML Window when you click drag the contents of the COM chat ((like flick-scroll)) if there is enough chat lines in memory scrolling too fast will cause Interface to crash. This has existed for awhile. I’m not certain if I should be doing something on the QML side of things in order to prevent this crash, however as it stands, Interface still does not catch for it.

To Replicate this bug, simply install the JS script onto a Zone entity to get started…
COM Script Version 1 by AlphaVersionD
To install COM Script on your domain, follow these steps:

Make a Zone Entity
Paste this URL in the “scripts” section of said Zone Entity:
Close the Edit panel.

At this point you should be able to open the chat window using the chat icon on your screen.
Fill the chat history with chat lines.
Fill them a little more.
Keep going by adding more chat lines.
Typically, 20 or so lines past the “viewable area” should do.
Now, click and drag directly inside a line of text to scroll the chat history.
If you do this back and forth up and down, and do it fast enough you will easily lock interface into a scream-inducing baby-punching rage QUIT!

I will look into a means of protecting the front-end ((QML)) from causing this crash, but in the meanwhile, we should consider catching it on the back end also.

cc: @Jherico

Captain's Log 3.14159265359

FYI - I’ve filed a bug and assigned to @Jherico