QT Font, Blurry, Terrible readable and small


Why i do not do much scripting in High Fidelity or use it much ?
One of the BIG problems is the QT font type and size.
After weeks i just hecked yje log window. Not sure what happend but the font quality is really terrible. Look at the l. the font or so blurry and fuzzy.

On top of this the font is still tiny and thin. Also a dark background with light font would make things more readable.

Script editor i cannot use for 2 years now because font and color problems is doing it a bit better. But the font is still thin and weird.

And the console i never used, and i see straight why. Because the font is so tiny and bad that it’s not readable at any distance.

And the last one the got worse since the improvement. Yes improvments are many times the opposite wya. The got edit field. The font is now small in HMD and smalelr on desktop. But font type is the best of all 4 windows, only few pixels to small now.

It’s really time this problem get fixt. It really makes lot’s of good tools useless. And it seems to got worse since high fidelity did go to early access.

What font type is now used in QT ?

So what is needed :

Different font type and thicker !
Differet (customizable) font size.
Dark background with a light colored font, that way other colors are much better readable to. Because this in the script editor. the green text, i cannot red. It’s a bad habbit this days the designers use a white background and very light font color. Apples fault ?

Comparted to my notepad++ where i use a good font size and changed colors so it’s just plain readable. Mabye set a bit bigger right now, but you can change font size easy in notepad++ by doing ctrl+mousewheel So far i see i use Arial as font in notepadd++ for javascript.

2 mousewheel clicks down, it looks less on the forumn then in notepad++ with the font size.

Anyway, soemthing need to change, because this is not workable. and i think a good start is to oick a better font type. Then make it a bit bigger. or option to make it easy bigger or smaller.

Currently high fidelity is not useable software, the log is the most important part with programming to read the errors. And i have already put a filter on the log. Because int he past it where so full with not needed messaages. Tried the other debug, but a debug window never appeared. And the script editor is still after 2 years not usable !

Or just add the DPI scaling the talked about it in the past. After fixing font types.

ADD: The log window font looks a bit different between different screens. but it’s global on both just bad.

ADD: Looking at my lazarus and playing with fonts, i get a feeling QT log window use something DejaVu Sans Light That font gives a terrible result in my memo box. Arial seems to give best result in lazarus. Also need to set the quality antialiased or cleartype. still keep a bit blurry. Lazarus not perfect compatible with windows 10 i think. possible same with soem QT fonts. Seems i have the same weird problems with lazarus as with High Fidelity QT windows. Seen the problem with some old programs soemtimes to with fonts. Now only question what or where. Something todo with cleartype or AA to.


I open all the things from virtual desktop inside notepad++ which I have setup to be more visible for VR.


Well, open a log in notepad++ works not really good because it’s not realtime. This windows and font size need anyway some love and time.

ADD: Think it’s time to put lazarus back on the pc and write my own simple log viewer, and see how that works. Think lazarus is not really up to date. Better crawl to C# for writing. bigger learning curve. but modern.

ADD: Yeah, i can better keep using C# But also in there the font’s look strange. But firefox webpages look fine. i mabe selected other font there btw.

ADD: There are 2 places where you can set the windows dpi scale, in my case 125%. This one that is now override by the custom setting.

and this one, that i have set from 100% to 125% now that solved at least the blurry font in my C# forms. Sadly, it does not fix the bad font in the interface log window.


For monitoring Client/Entity debug prints in real time: I’d be happy to help set you up with my Popup Console Window logger.

Coincidentally, I had you in mind when deciding to take things “to the other extreme” with it. Like everything can be overridden with regards to text display… Font Family, Size, Color, Style, Weight, Background. And also anything that can be expressed as a (WebKit) CSS3 selector… character spacing, text shadows, text rendering hints, etc.

For Script Editor: I made a “dark theme” for myself last year… but you probably wouldn’t like it, because it actually makes several things smaller. But if interested I could point towards the source files that had to change (IIRC was mostly tweaking these older Qt XML files, though still required recompiling).


I need to look at this after some sleep. QML can do many things. it loks good. It’s only
shame it cannot be docked out of the main (high fidelity( form.

Writing a simple C# program that read the log, so i have that easy in range with good font. That is for now already some fun. Energy is coming back.

The extreme idea is extreme :slight_smile: but sounds interesting, it will help many people.

Compiling High Fidleity, Sorry but am happy i not have to do that anymore. SO the script editor is a small problem. but it works fine with notepad + my own log file read to.
It’s only that the QT windows really need love to get it readable.

Especially curious why the log window font is so bad.

You can always call me again. Like i say, i go read that pop logger after soem sleep. Right now it’s a pile of questions.