Question about default domain names


Maybe I am missing something. I have a few placenames here in HiFi. I want to add one of them to one of my domains here. Am I forced to make it a sub domain of an existing one? In other words, do placenames have to be connected to the default domain name?

I have not yet tried to make a new domain with no default place but the domains I have now only list existing placenames for choices as default.

If so, that means that I would have to have separate servers for each of my placenames if I wanted them to show up as separate places.

Is this really the way things will be here?


I recall you an I talking about this briefly a few weeks back. My issue was I have 2 placenames that point at the same domain & same server BUT when avatars were teleported to Placename_B the unfortunate situation of Placename_A shows up in the recommended locations. This is a seriously hot-topic that I think needs attention. Domain name barons could show up and buy 10,000+ names and point them all at one box. I don’t think that’s a bug, that’s a feature.

This was due to an alphabetical sorting and I’m not sure I clearly understood @howard.stearns response during the last meetup although we do have a new protocol change.

I have not since returned to attempt my initial need.

see also 2 placenames 1 domain thread ((link to follow))


Will it be possible in the future to purchase placenames that can be leveraged to point at a single domain but adhere to the rules of population when shown in the recommendations list?


If I have a domain called OPEN where many people come to hang out, and it is a Rated-G to PG experience, lets say a subculture develops and requests reservation of a derivative volume of OPEN, I should be able to lease that to them without it affecting my Search Standings. Follow me here?


@AlphaVersionD You can have multiple place names that point to the same domain.

  • Suggestions are now by place name, not grouped by domain.
  • The picture shown is the preview picture for the specific place.
  • If you type, the filtered set of suggestions include those whose place name or place description matches. (By the way, all matches are shown if you type. If you don’t type, only places with pictures are suggested.)

Although the suggestions are by place name, some of the information used is shared between all the places in the same domain:

  • Places are only suggested if they match the user’s protocol version. The place’s protocol version is, of course that of the domain/server.
  • Places are only suggested if they are open at the current time. The operating hours are set for the domain.
  • Places are currently only suggested if entry to the domain is open to everyone.
  • The number of people shown is currently for the whole domain.
  • If you type, the filtered set of suggestions include those whose tags match, and the tags are set for the whole domain.


@Twa_Hinkle You can have place names on multiple different domains. I think of the domain as the ugly identification number. In most cases, that would be one domain id per sandbox server. You can then have zero or more place names that point to each domain id.


Sorry I did not make my question more clear. What I was asking was: can I have a placename that is not connected to a named domain?

For example, let’s say I buy two placenames, “urban hip hop” and “scifi fantasy”. Now I want to use those names on a domain I’ve made. Do I have to name the domain itself anything? I don’t think I’d want to have either of those names being connected with the other.

Maybe I am missing something but why are domains named at all?