Question about Domains, Places and Zones


Im thinking of setting up a domain soon and i have a few questions.

  1. When people enter my domain will they appear at the same location as i do when i login?
  2. Are spawn points working?
  3. Once i have a domain does my PC have to be turned on and logged into hifi for people to be able to visit my domain?

Id like to make it so when someone enters my domain they will have a choice between a couple zones that they can warp to by clicking a button which will transport you to various locations inside the overall domain.

  1. You set this location. It is explained in @chris video of setting up Stack Manager.

  2. Yes. Ask @Adrian if you have issues

  3. “domain” and “stack manager” are different terms as far as I know. For example, I run the “stack manager” from my desktop and stack manager must be running for folks in HiFi to get to it. I also run a “domain” via hosting package. The domain is a way for me to host files for use in HiFi or displaying as a website (simultaneously)

I hope this answers your questions.


People will land in your domain at the location and orientation you specify when you associate a place name.
If no place name is set then they land in the same co-ords they were, but on your domain.

Spawn points are achieved by setting 3 parameters to the place name, they are:
Domain name/Co-ordinates /orientation
so that they land in the right domain, at the right location, looking the right direction.

If you run your domain/stack manager from your home computer, it must be running for the domain to exist.

Teleport scripts can be used to send people to different points.

Domains are different animals in Hifi, a domain is the virtual world that people enter, where the Stack Manager is the software that controls the domain. Its a little bit confusing, welcome to Hifi.


Yeah this re-use of an already present term on the internet (domain) is EXTREMELY CONFUSING to the newb.

I recall wondering just WHY Hi-Fi required me to spend $20 USD per year when I could get a domain almost anywhere on the internet for about $10! (yeah they ARE 2 very different animals, yet to the newb there is little to immediately explain this oddity of english usage)


Thank you guys, youre awesome :smile:


One other tip. The center of the domain is not 0,0,0 and if you build near there it may hang past the boundaries and not show up sometimes. The center is 8192,8192,8192

A domain is a type of server application running on your server which is managed by the Stack Manager. There are other server application types you can run also.


Agreed, but I bet it’s too late to change it now. Still, if they did come to their senses and change it to something that was less likely to be confused, I’d be willing to suffer the learning curve, and willing to help other folks understand the terminology.

Brainstorming things they could call it other than “domain”…

  • kingdom (or queendom)
  • province
  • region
  • commonwealth
  • preserve (e.g. nature preserve, blah blah national wildlife preserve)
  • existential_plane
  • virt-u-place
  • theirthere (…yourthere, mythere, histhere, herthere, ourthere)


I tried playing around with this yesterday and im having some issues and some more questions.

So i bought a place name and set the location to 5000,5000,5000 for the default /.
Then i setup to more places, /Gallery and /Battleships each of these point to different coordinates as well.

Then i set up an array of zones with the central zone located at 5000,5000,5000 and then 4 more zones that are arranged around the central zone making a plus sign shape. Each of these zone will be associated with the new places i make.

Now heres the problem, when i load my domain back up instead of being at 5000,5000,5000 im at 0,0,0, which as we know is not a good location to build at. Also as soon as i have the zones placed where i want them they all promptly disappear and my tools window is blank even tho 5 seconds before it showed all the zone entities

Also im confused about what costs money here, the domain is free but the place name costs money, yes? If so do more place names cost more money or only the first place name? And to get to the other places we enter the @domain/placename right?