Question about doman rez rights


I have my open to public location set with only myself able to edit. For a time, if I was not logged in or asked someone else to even open edit menu there I (or other) would received a message saying no edit rights. Yet this evening I find a set of speakers rezzed in my build that I didn’t place there.

How, why etc? I had closed off Heron previously after tiring of the daily garbage collection routine. With the expected influx this is a fairly major concern.


And now an item was just deleted. > . < A rather big central item at that, the land and sky. Not amused at all.


i have had large objects randomly vanish recently,but nothing appear new


I watched the agent delete my skydome and land mesh.

I was IN my domain and watching the log file on my OS X box via SSH. And it doesn’t matter if it was locked or not (though I explicitly remember locking it). Agent shouldn’t even be able to bring up the blasted edit tools since it was most certainly not on the allowed list. And, no, I wasn’t in edit mode and accidentally deleted it myself.