Question About Future HiFi Stress Testing


Are we still going ahead with the previously-scheduled monthly stress tests of High Fidelity? The reason I ask is that the November one was cancelled for the FUTVRE LANDS Festival. Is the one originally sheduled for December going ahead, or is it cancelled too? Christine just emailed a list of December events to everybody and the monthly stress test is not on it.


Nobody has answered my question. Is a montly stress test still happening on Friday December 7th?


im guessing no
the meeting is on later
I think the person who usually organises it is off with stress. badum tishhh


Apologies for missing your earlier posts. You can always email; this is the best way to ensure specific questions get answered.

Our calendar of events is up-to-date []. There are no further upcoming sole-purpose “load test” events on the calendar at this time.

There is an event this Thursday, BINGO EXTREMO, that will be a bit like previous load tests… but more of a stress test of a complex environment. The fun and the rewards will be bigger for attendees (up to $1,200 or an HTC Vive Pro). We hope you can join us!