Question about learning the APIs, etc



I am very interested in participating.

I unfortunately don’t have much programming skills at the moment (I do work in IT, but I don’t program).

I wanted to ask how feasible it is for me to learn Javascript first (i.e - through books or courses) and then learn the APIs here and get started playing around.

Mostly asking because I have no programming experience. Would this be a good way to both - have a purpose to learn Javascript - and become part of the future of High Fidelity?

Or is this meant for seasoned programmers mostly? I can’t judge the difficulty level at this point so that’s mainly why I’m asking.

Thank you in advance.


Hey @nidania,

Very good that you are interested in participating!

Javascript is a very common language on the web. It’ s pretty flexible and very interactive.

To get started with the fun you should try out . They have a nice and fun Javascript tutorial there, which is also interactive.

After having some experience with the regular ways about javascript you could have a look at the scripts in High Fidelity. Fortunatly they are all opensource and you can find them here: .
Here is a list with most of the available function in High Fidelity at this time: . On the High Fidelity documentation you could also find some tutorials like: .


Thoys (One of the alphas)


Javascript can be a lot of fun and you really don’t need to be a seasoned programmer to take the first steps, although the more ambitious you get, the more skilled you need to be to make sure you’re being efficient but as a starting point for simple scripts and seeing how they work in a live environment, HiFi & Javascript are a great combination.