Question about load test events


Do we have to stay for the whole hour to earn rewards? Not even a minute in and my home network is under heavy DDoS by asset servers, everyone shows up as white wireframe orbs, and my client crashes twice. After setting the render quality to minimum I stop crashing but can’t move. About ten or twenty minutes in some troll blasts a loud, high-pitched whine over voice chat. After around 30 or so minutes (big red clock no longer loads) I can finally move and see other avatars for about five seconds before disconnecting and reconnecting, then everyone’s a white orb again. And every single lapse in connection causes the entire map and all avatars to get redownloaded, making it worse.

Can I just log out and get my participation reward? This lag is insane.

EDIT: My client crashed again when I tried to leave and I had to use task manager to kill it.