Question about rez rights in domain space


Has anyone else found their domain full of crap you didn’t place despite it being set to only allow yourself to edit?

I noticed my models file was stupidly large while doing backups today and found a lot of crap that should not be there. Particle beams, lights, objects etc.

Not cool >.<


Found sofar only 4 particleeffectparticle objects. but maby i palced them in the past. and now appear ? And this strange window that icould resize and did show this.


Go to your stack manager window, click on “settings”. On the WEB page that pops up scroll down to where the heading reads “Allowed Editors”. Place the name of everyone you permit to edit objects including your avatar’s name. Then turn on the “Only editors can create entities” switch :


It’s been that way since the feature enabling it was added around this time last year. I confirmed it still showed only myself listed as an allowed editor and toggle box for only editors can create was on. I’ve said since the beginning of editor access rights that I believed there was less than 100% certainty that it actually works in all cases, but, after a few months it seemed it did - I had around 500 objects inserted in my domain space, spread in clusters, so, something isn’t right somewhere. I just locked domain space back down to LAN only and that’s sure to solve issue. :slight_smile:

Thanks though.


I recall others once reported people punching through the edit restrictions, but I thought that was fixed many months ago. Is this a regression?


Unless others catch it and can capture some telemetry it will likely remain a ignored issue - I went over my logs but I can’t even find anyone having been in my domain for the 5 to 6 day span the spam object injection took place in. I looked at the code for DS/AC after seeing the somewhat off message of some agent has entered domain - can’t determine if it has edit rights - allowing to prevent some bad condition (I’m paraphrasing it as I don’t have a log copy in front of me) - but - basically on connect DS seems to have a period of indeterminate status so it allows ALL rights then once it has a determinate state (presumably does some short time later) it allows/disallows as appropriate. Now - looking at the code it seems pretty sloppy and instead of fixing a bug they cludged it to hide it leading to allow everything then deny.

I doubt it’s over paranoid to suspect it’s possible to circumvent rights control as 1) they’re barely even in place and 2) seem poorly implemented/buggy. I only had my domain up to demo some files for Chris so it’s back on closed again running LAN only so I can automatic test my stack build box CI output. One thing about my domain - its content (other than files added for demo) has been constant for around 10 months, so I pretty much instantly notice if its models file has changed size or I see odd things in edit mode (I just set search range to 100,000 since I only have a small model set there). Others might never notice 4 or 5 clusters of random crap spread about their domain even if it is there.


Still having the question if it’s really on your server side, or ghosts in the client interface.exe.


That’s a good point - is it maybe something running in interface that was accidentally left there for testing or HF internal use?


@jess - might want to make a post about your tidying. I/others will be getting pings on each of these and my first response was what the hell is this crap… then I realized what you’re doing.


Ah! My sincere apologies for the spam.

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Formal intro was supposed to take place later today, but the tl;dr version is, I’m working for High Fidelity on social media and forums, including mod/admin stuff like the activity you detected. Hi. :smiley: