Question about scripts and content here


I have a question about scripts here in HiFi and open source stuff in general.

Let’s say that I want to make a version of defaultScripts.js that has modified versions of some of the
default scripts from HiFi, and I want to include some scripts that are similar to HiFi’s default scrips.

My question is, if I use unmodified scripts (just for example: directory.js and users.js) and then add other
modified open source scripts (like some versions that others have made here) and then add my own scripts that are versions of other default scripts but named the same so they work with HiFi.

Can I sell this as a package? Or do I somehow have to recreate each of the default scripts and second party
scripts in such a way to be different to be able to claim them as being something I can sell as proprietary here in HiFi?

I think the same issue applies to other content here besides scripts. At one point @philip said that compilations of your own stuff and stuff from the marketplace would be OK to sell here as a separate item or something like that.

Anyway, just asking.

[edited to add: I am not asking this as an official request or anything. I am just wondering what other people’s views are on this kind of stuff.]