Question: Does HiFi allow adult content?


I wrote up and posted a blogpost today on my blog about adult content on social VR platforms, and one person from HiFi commented as follows:

“AFAIK in HiFi you’re allowed to host your own sim and even make it as sexual as you want. Your sim, your rules is what I heard from everybody.”

Is this true? First I heard of it.

Here’s a link to the entire blogpost if you’re interested, it’s safe for work:



Yep, you can have as much adult content as you want in your own domain. Just don’t bring any content into HiFi’s own hosted domains (such as The Spot or Mexico)

From High Fidelity’s own TOS

These Terms of Service for High Fidelity Domains are applicable only when you access or use High Fidelity Domains (content hosted by High Fidelity - see definitions above). HIGH FIDELITY IS NOT RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY ASPECT OF THE HIGH FIDELITY PLATFORM THAT IS NOT HOSTED, DISTRIBUTED, PROVIDED OR MAINTAINED BY HIGH FIDELITY.



and it would be a good idea to give it the appropriate rating in the description section.



Only problem is having it with a placename, since GoTo doesn’t have any maturity filters to use.



Oh wow. I honestly did not know that! I need to update my blogpost, thank you!

So, my next question is…

Are there already adult-rated/adult-content domains in High Fidelity?



There are users who have adult content in their domains, but these are usually made private (unlisted) so that unaware users do not wander in… which is probably why most people haven’t seen them :slight_smile:



OK thanks! I have updated my blogpost accordingly.

And I would be interested to know about any adults-only domains (age 18+) which are already up and accessible via HiFi. And how does High Fidelity check the age of the visitor? If you don’t want to answer publicly, then please direct message me if you wish, or just contact me via the Contact page on my blog, thanks!

I’m pretty sure that most people are completely unaware that HiFi allows adult/sexual content. I know I never even thought of it until that person commented on my original blogpost! I just assumed it was forbidden.