Question how to use Market assets


Okay, I started experimenting with assets from the Market. As usual, I’m confused. Once I choose a model (entity) it pops up in front of my avatar. OK, so far, so good. But the the asset from the Market does not show up in my “Asset Browser”. It only shows up under Edit>Entity List. Is this normal? If so, doesn’t that mean I have to make multiple trips to the Market for the same item if I want multiple copies on my domain at the same time (several of the same chair, for example)?



If you want multiple copies then you can just duplicate the object as much as you want.

Objects in the asset browser are files that you have uploaded yourself to your own ATP.


It’s normal. The asset browser is not your account inventory. It’s for browsing the files you have uploaded to your ATP server (which is usable only in your own domain, for now)

High-Fidelity does not have an actual inventory system built-in, and from what I’ve read here on the forum, I don’t think one is planned for the future. People are expected to code their own for their own domains or eventually buy a third-party one from the Market.


Not one planned? Really? I’m not sure what to make of that. But like you said, maybe a 3rd party will offer one on the market.


That was my impression but I may have interpreted it wrong (someone feel free to correct me). I got it from this post.

The goal of all these virtual world platforms, including High Fidelity, is to provide the means for high end designers or virtual world builders to create scenes and environments that the everyday people can visit. The extra twist in HF is that you also have to make or buy inventory and asset management systems. It is then up to the world builders to create whatever in-world model editing/transform tools if they choose.