Question on "Home Content" Updates


Can someone explain what happens when you accept the offer to update the “Home Contents” on your own sandbox domain server?

Does it completely replace what was there before… or just update the elements that were part of the original content to new versions?

So for example say you keep the tutorial and garden in place but added a lot of your own custom content, would that all disappear if you accept the updated home content?


I’m going to guess it just replaces the models.json with the latest iteration, I dont think we are yet sophisticated enough to selectively replace certain elements of the scene, leaving others untouched.


Currently it replaces everything in the domain, basically just swaps out the models.

I suggest not applying it, unless you dont have anything in your domain you want to keep


The still not mved that dangerous default question out ? Tsjee.
I don’t understand that. "Home content : just need to be option to install that you need todo by going into the menu from the sandbox. same for updating.

Just display a notice “There’s new home content available” With ok button and mabye a link to instrauction how to install it.

But stop using that dangerous default option with home content !


Thanks for confirming that. I have wondered every time I see the message.

I totally agree with you that it ought to be something you do when you wish and not an option that is so easy to apply. Maybe if it is accidentally pressed it ought to say in big red letters, “are you sure, all your existing content will be replaced if you continue”.


That’s the Alpha and Omega button… omg…


Yes Its a very poorly described button with a devastating outcome


They should call it the nuke button