Question: Re: Backups


is there anywhere online that keeps a record of domains (as backups)
I have to rebuild my server and all backups (on my side) have been demolished! :frowning:


Uff you might be out of luck if you lost backups: the stuff is usually only on the server’s drive and not uploaded anywhere else.


Good luck @Foxxe


Hi @Foxxe , we do not store anything on our side. Your backups are unique to your setup.


wow. Bummer .thanks guys…:slight_smile:


I found a backup but dropping the files overtop of a fresh reinstall just doesn’t seem to do the job,
I’ve located the models.svo as well as a series of
models.svo.backup.daily.# files (as well as weekly and halfhourly)


@Foxxe After a fresh install and configure so that you domain is running, you should be able to get your domain content back if you replace the models.svo file with a copy one of the models.svo.backup… files that you found.


Always use a copy of the backup copy because it is usual for stack manager to destroy a svo file on startup and theres nothing worse than the system eating your only backup.

As CtrlAltDavid suggests, start the server first, then add (a copy of) your models.svo and restart.


Yesterday I also have lost all my items and all was black. I have searched for model.svo and seen, that there was one backup from yesterday, which hasn’t worked and that before was from 1. Jule. So no clue, why hf hasn’t saved daily updates all the days before. After activating of the old model.svo my items from the 1.Jule came back. But some was lost. So now I have activated again the update from yesterday and suddenly all was back.


Any chance of a HiFi Document ‘Stack Manager Backups’ ?

  1. It seems common knowledge that SM isn’t backing up as it should - eg today 10/07/15 reads
    C:\Users\ritzo\AppData\Local\High Fidelity\Stack Manager\resources

    Could someone confirm SM doesn’t back up as it should?
    I can understand this maybe isn’t a priority but at least we know the actual situation

2… Could we have an explanation of how in Domain Server Settings -

The “Backup Rules -In this table you can define a set of rules for how frequently to backup copies of your entites content file” works .
Again perhaps this is not working/implemented ? A confirmation would save time


In my opinion the Domain Server Settings list is quite straight forward.

Name is the name of the rule, can be basically anything. It is basically just for identification of the admin.

Rule format defines the suffix of the file name: forexample:

File models.json.backup.halfhourly.1 hits .backup.halfhourly.%N rule.
%N being the Version number for that back up.

Interval means the time in seconds until next backup is taken for this rule set: 1800 seconds = 30 minutes etc.

SO if no changes happen for 3 days, you’ll will 3 identical daily copies with the same date, as thats the day they were last modified…

Max Rolled Backup versions = number of backups to keep until the last gets removed for the Rule.Format suffix file.

If value this value is set 5, and the format was backup.daily with an interval of 24 hours (86400 seconds):

*.backup.daily.5 ... delete
*.backup.daily.4 to *.backup.daily.5
*.backup.daily.3 to *.backup.daily.4
*.backup.daily.2 to *.backup.daily.3
*.backup.daily.1 to *.backup.daily.2
model to *.backup.daily.1

I cannot conform that there is an issue as it has been running fine on my Windows 7 machine for the last few months. And from your screencap of your file system, it works as you have configured it.

Also note that your config uses json instead of svo, so your svo files havent even been tracked or kept uptodate.

Basically your MyHalfHourly.1 halfhourly.1 and example.1 are all exact same backups of the same file. While your daily and myDaily are overriding each other on the same backup cycle.


As to your second point, there is already a doc with a brief outline of this but Menithal has explained it nicely.


@ menithal and adrian ok thanks for the clarifications


What I don’t understand - some daily updates are great other only some KB. Also the models.svo from today has only 8KB. So how this works? Dos hf read in more than one models.svo ?