Questions about Create app (editing tools)


Hey everyone,

I’m here to ask a question of the people who are using the Create app.

How often are you inside your avatar when you’re creating something? Are you typically using the entity camera or third person camera?



Currently: 80% Desktop for 20% HDM

But it’s mainly because:

  • I can’t do copy paste using the virtual keyboard.
  • The handles are sometime gigantic in HDM often not usable. (it’s buggy)
  • The scrolling is a bit a pain in the tablet ( Maybe a different scroll bar should be designed for the controllers… It’s not a mouse.)
    Otherwise, I could do 50% desktop and 50% HMD if not more. I wish I can do 80% HMD.

I would design Particles effect 100% in HDM.

In desktop, the camera on the entity is a must. I’m often far from what I’m working on.


I agree with @Alezia.Kurdis, esp. the scrolling is pain when in HMD.

For Desktop:

My cam is most time on the entity in independent mode. The other time I am in third person mode. 70/30.

I would prefer, the cam would bring a new entity automaticly to focus (F) when it’s rezzed - and with ESC the cam jumps back to third person mode.


How do they do it in vr chat ?


To my knowledge you code in unity for VR chat, you can’t work directly in the world. This is one of the big differences, and why I think eventually High Fidelity will prove a better platform once all the kinks are worked out.


100% desktop mode. VR will never be suitable for building. Would not see how you use blender, paint program, scripting, audio editors etc. in VR

Need to say that build in VR is still painfull to because you stsrt in avatar mode and the movement point can be ti far away or out of range.

Problem is that in desktop mode you cannot move precise with the mouse. In VR things mive smooth but it’s a complete pain to get it where you want.
And, there’s no option to move by keyboard.

Better camera controls combined with movement by cursor keys i still as must have.

Tried indepent mode once. i still not see what it do. or i forgot. Instead use camera navigation like blender and secondlife use as example.


I forgot to mention:

  • Collapsible sections in a scrollable page is also a pain in HDM. (it’s frustrating to have to re-expend them constantly after have painfully scroll to fiind it and then to re-adust the scroll once expanded.)
    In fact In think it’s also a pain in Desktop.


3rd person mostly this allows for building to scale of the avatar.


I use a combination of @WolfGang’s modified Inspect tool (3rd person camera, based on @ctrlaltdavid’s inspect tool) and the Create app in Desktop mode

I dont use the Create app in HMD because it is already dready to use in desktop mode. Snap on modes should be prevelant in hmd, but there is none.

Only use case for create app in HMD is to make something dynamic or Cloneable.