Questions about skyboxes and lighting


I get 3 different lighting effects from the skyboxes, notice the colors of the buildings.
The pics are : no skybox, tropical skybox and cloudy skybox.

I got my colors right without any skybox and now when I add a skybox my colors are all wrong.
I have played with the settings and it doesnt get any better.

Why does the color have to change and introduce so much blue into the light?
Is it possible to have a skybox with a neutral lighting result?

NO skybox




OMG that looks cool !


This is something I have complained about several times. Though it is a nice feature to tint the ambient lighting to the colors on the skybox image, there really needs to be a saturation value/slider as part of the skybox entity. I want to be able to dial in how much of the color to mix into the lighting. Developers can you please add a saturation property to skybox lighting?


Bumping this issue, the skyboxes are totally controlling the scene.

The color influence shouldnt be so strong, the light falling on the objects should be apart from the skybox color and controllable. Its impossible to set an ambient scene because the sky sucks up half the colors, and leaves incorrect tint.

A blue sky should not throw a blue light, this is the problem, sky isnt really blue it just looks blue to us, a blue sky throws full spectrum light,

Putting in a worklist suggestion now.


Yes, the blue is anooying.

The bad lightning you get on many sky boxes it another problem, that’s teh reason i do not use a skybox right now. your face and everything get so dark. The latest skybox looks nice. but wrong theme and it’s coloring everything in a cold look blue.

Im curious if the skyboxes are set to the light level because i hope the implement a day/night cycle.