Questions/feedback about HMD movement


One of the things I find uncomfortable in Hi-Fi at the moment is not being able to look around while walking, because when I do, it changes my course. Is there a script we can edit to change that? The most immediate thing I want to do in any VR environment is stroll along while looking around at the scenery. Do some people prefer the current head-steered walking, or is it simply a vestige of mouse & keyboard control?

The other really uncomfortable thing is when I lean forward to pick up an object from a table for example (or just lean in to get a closer look at something), and it pushes me back. It happened as soon as I tried to play the blocks game and also the bowling game, and really didn’t feel nice. I saw the option to disable avatar collisions, but that stopped my collisions with the floor as well.



The looking around while walking is something that start to annoy me to. But with flying it can be usefull. Some option to turn it easy on or off would be nice.

About the push away from object. so far i know the are working on better solution.


I think this is due to how the default look behavior works, where ever we look is our forward, because it is hard to say what exactly is the current forward for the user, as we have no info how someones hips are oriented.
It may not seem to make sense when seated/stationary, but few of us aren’t, and instead move around a room instead.

I’d like to have some better logic to it, but unfortunately without hip direction tracking its hard: One improvement probably could be moving only forward, depending the last known rotation of both hand controllers, which is taken when they are both facing the same angle.


So far , movement on the controller is not changing. up is forward, down = backward. SO that’s no chang. but when you walk and then look you start to rotate in that direction when you not want that.

Best to not move much roomscale, i not use it very much. keeps problematic in 2.6x2.5 meters with a cable… The roomscale is good when fighting.