Questions/Requests about Game development with High Fidelity


Hey everyone,

I am working quietly on a large multi-server social sandbox game project with High Fidelity. It is nowhere near ready at the moment. I am currently curious about several things regarding High Fidelity before I continue.

Questions -

  1. I am looking at maintaining a overall “theme” across multiple servers. Is there anyway to put a restriction on certain cosmetic items that can enter the servers I run?
  2. I am looking at having a seamless transition between one server to another when a player goes near the bounds of the level. Similar to what some very large minecraft servers do. However I want to limit travel in the game to “connected areas” only. For example If server A connects to server B then you would be able to travel to that server through the server bounds. However if Server A does not connect to server C then I do not want the players to travel to that server until they reach a server that connects to that server. Is there anyway to limit how the player can travel? I do not want people “warping” around the place.
  3. I want inventory and social interactions with NPCs in the game world to persist on the server via a Database. We are not doing it on the cleint due to issues with hacking, exploits, etc. Is there anyway to hook up the Stack manager for my servers to a Centralized DB?
  4. Are there any plans to support VS 2017?
  5. Are there any plans for React VR in High Fidelity?

Last and most importanly I need tools to make this happen in High Fidelity. I would use Unreal or Unity but they do not fit my needs when it comes to this project.

Feature requests -

  1. An GUI based animation state machine would be awesome for me personally. Having the abillity to blend between various animations would be great. See Mechanim or Unreal Engine’s animation state machine as examples.

  2. Would it be possible to get Joystick and Throttle support?

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Thanks for your time,