Quick Hello and first post :-D


Hello all,

I am extremely new to High fidelity and have am taken aback by the amount of information that one needs to take in. Aside from the starting documents, does anyone know any videos, or more information that is very insightful and helpful when it comes to new people?

I was glad to see there was a list of premade avatars to choose from. The avatar creation seems a bit involved. I am happy with my default avatar for now but was wondering how to create new items for an avatar? If I wanted to add an accessory like a ring or watch or an item like a cell phone, what program would be best for this task? Having an avatar with absurd amounts of bling or a sword seems pretty fun to me :smiley:

Anyhow, sorry for the long post, and thanks for all the help!


Welcome! Yes, there are many [turorial videos (click here)][1]
[1]: https://www.youtube.com/user/HighFidelityio


Welcome aboard @will0045


Hello newcomer. You’ll want to look into “attachments” in the menu structure. The process of building your attachment will be handled in a 3D modeling program, exported as .fbx or .obj, and then sent to a proper web hosting server, just like a traditional webpage.

For example, try to to attach the following “greencube” to your “head bone” and manipulate it:

it can be found at h t t p : / / m e t a v e r s e c a f e s . c o m / H i g h F i d e l i t y / Q u e e n C i t y / g r e e n c u b e . f b x (you’ll need to remove whitespaces)

:smile: Welcome Aboard.