Quixel is 40% off


I think I will buy this. Quixel Sale


Me too. It is time to upgrade yet not break the bank.
[edit] license purchased.


Thanks for that hint. Me too


It looks so easy in a trailer video.
But there so many programs that could be used. Ill stay with blender for now. Still too much basics to learn.

Looks a bit like 3dcoat, substance painter etc. But this one is pretty cheap !


Buys it and is grateful that @DrFran has volunteered to teach us all to use it at her own expense

checks that in blender
albedo is colour
metalness is specular intensity
normals normal
and roughness is spec hardness

what export target should we use for hifi unity4?


What @judas is talking right now looks a bit like this for me. :grin:


It seems more like this to me:

Anyway, I hope it has a bit of python in it so that I can prep the files to export correctly. Because otherwise, what @Judas pointed out reads far too closely to:

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
If turnips were watches, I’d wear one by my side.
If “if’s” and “and’s” were pots and pans,
There’d be no work for tinkers’ hands.


I has made a quixel blender tutorial …
it made me angry


Anyway, how is the font size ? and can that be changed in quixel ?


Hi @Judas Judas, thanks for that tutorial. Have you uploaded that cube to HF? Would like to see how it looks in world, would you do that? Thank you.


its way shiny
thinks i need to set the specular intensity and hardness differently to turn em of so the texture controls them


The video looked intressting. think i need to try thge demo to check font size etc.
The tool if good is usefull anyway. High Fidelity , Sansar or…


I know i only scratched surface on it hence lots of amazing stuff done in it and me with my cube lol. Just when I was lookin at tutorials they all take an eternity to get to the bits I wanted to know ie
That u need that id map thing on ur mesh or quixel doesn’t know where to put the materials.

On top of the bit i covered u seem to have almost limitless flexibility in everything you might need to tweak
but thats 2 much for my brain day 1


Thanks for doing this. I still have to Download Photoshop to my new computer from my subscription, and then I can buy Quixel. From the look of it, it seems as though it will be a useful tool


I think i need to write quixel off , clicked by accident on the community tap. and the only work with facebook. Well, that’s a bad software packadge then. If community support is only based on facebook.

I hope am missing something, anyway need to watch soem video’s first.


Also it needs photoshop to run, I dunno if u have that already


Whaaa ? why can gimp or paint shop pro not work that can read photoshop files to


Still using GIMP, it’s a solid tool from my demo experience. Good deal, bring on the shiny!


I could be wrong but I don’t think gimp supports 3d models. Quixel pretty much a Photoshop plugin .


Back in 2008, there were many photoshop plugin hosts. Maybe some of these apps that are still around work with Quixel.