Radar App for HiFi


Where is everyone in this domain?! This radar app shows you.

It works in both HMD and desktop modes. The display is centered on your camera location and oriented per your tablet in HMD mode or camera in desktop mode.

Released on the Marketplace: https://highfidelity.com/marketplace/items/25795f96-8ee3-41af-8fb3-3f2da89526bd Version: 1.0.0-12

Web page: http://ctrlaltstudio.com/hifi/radar


are you suggesting the metaverse is circular?


It’s actually spherical, but I have plans to make it cylindrical.


“Consider a spherical cow of uniform density…”


the meterverse is flat and square
any argument on the subject and ill fight u tomorro at noon meet me at the East pole


:joy: +20 characters


Blasphemy, everyone knows the metaverse is an hypercube!


Ahh here we go another flatverser.
But I think Dave is trying to say regardless of the shape of the domain, the radar system works on radial scan, so extents are all the same distance from you.
BTW nice job Dave.


Although, with this radar and the arcing teleport, I wonder how they work on a domain like Wiki Planet or Codex. And yes nice job Dave, I saw it on your picture post and wondered what it was.


Is there a way to make this be part of the HUD and not a pop up?


The radar app uses HTML for the UI. This UI is displayed as a dialog in the tablet via a web3d overlay.

There’s no way to display HTML on the curved HUD surface because there’s no web2d overlay. It wouldn’t look very nice displayed on the curved surface, anyway, because of the curving.

However, it would be possible to display (a copy of) the UI on a separate web3d that’s positioned in space and attached to your avatar so that ait moves about with you. It should also be possible to make this UI grabbable so that you can change its location.

I’ve added this as a possible idea for a future version.


is there anyway to make me not show on the radar, i spent a hour follwing it b4 i realised i was the green dot :slight_smile:


Perhaps an option …
Show own avatar dot: never; in 3rd person; always. Default to 3rd person.

Note also that the colour of avatar dots has changed in v1.1: Radar app v1.1 released


in my mind i should remain in the center of the thing me being off center threw me a bit


The radar displays per your current camera location rather than your avatar location because in 3rd person view your camera view can be quite a long way from your avatar’s position.

If it displayed per your avatar location, in 3rd person view you would need to do mental gymnastics to relate what you see on the radar to where your camera probably is on the radar. Though I suppose the camera location could be displayed on the radar if the radar was centred on your avatar.

Could perhaps have an option …
Centre radar on: camera; avatar. Default to camera.


ah oki, aslong as theres a valid reason thats cool , imagines having a flycam mode like sl some day all space controllered up