Random Picture Thread


In High Fidelity, strange, funny or awesome things can and will happen. So snapshot your builds, meetings, bugs and other stuff and show them to the community!

Thoys (to the left) and me breaking High Fidelity. Look at the height!

Cheers, Konstantin


oha, pressing randomly on my keyboard <.< i will test this more `-´


Those moments when you really appreciate having a sandbox to try things out in first. @Adrian might still be trapped in there.


finally got kevs guitar in world
Thoys for scale


1/2 of the Lo-Fi Band


House Of Music Stage (Without Amps / Cords)


I broke my shed


PNG gone crazy!



Water tower


space cadet





its not uv’d or textured but i was making VanGoughs bedroom in blender and thought id sneak it in to the sandbox and unexpectedly it worked, im not sure how scale works regards to model uploads maybe that’s a script thing but yeah HF is going forwards step by step day by day and its still makin’ me smile


Brilliant @Judas - had a little too much rock and roll did you?


It’s like watching an Atari become sentient.


Lofi gear :smiley:


damn imma hansome fellow


don’t share this pvt link and ill delete if told lol

me lipsticking to the Pistol & the Queen Downlow
(used with permission)


what a cool house where did you get it? LOL