Random Picture Thread


Off to see Ready Player One. Promise no spoilers.



Do you would like to host the next Flight Night for us ?-)


Hello People I Have A Special Video for this week from your own special guest @Caitlyn The Oasis" Ready Player One Review Film [2018] Filmed in VR link https://youtu.be/KWU0lDEpc5s


Unfortunately I could not get a good picture of this but this is three people controlling different parts of the same avatar.

Now I can have NPC entourage but also voice over person, facial expression person and body language person too.

Checks HFC balance… looks for assignment client and doppelganger rental rate on the Market Place…

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All decked out for Friday Phlash at Rust.


Live entertainment and real-time cloth simulations being brought to us by the fine folks at High Fidelity Inc. There are plenty of reasons to still be excited about VR. Looking forward to testing out the Daydream interface.exe client later next week!



Strange things started happening in Avatardz when we were checking out avatars… Donkey Kong escaped and the floor kept moving! Then DK disappeared. What happened is still a mystery.


Aimed t the flashing and lighting in the gif.
It’s fr sure a place you nit want to visit in VR.
Don’t use fast flashing or mivi g lights,
It’s a reason to bail out in VR and sometimes in desktop. It’s a sickmaker.


I like the avatars there.
But are the high fidelity wide usable ? Or domain restricted ?


They are not restricted by domain. Head to Avatardz and check them out!


Already where there. And i will return someday.



You must be right… better stay in Second life… :wink:
It’s less dangerous and the font are readable there.

Here, desktop sucks, now VR. Mobile sucks too. Discord is bad… Is there something positive in your universe?


@Menithal Looks so cute… :grin:


Oh there are enough good things. as long it’s not something todo with MOBILE and APPS a tablet is just useable as long you run it in windows desktop mode. But tablets fall under mobile. Windows tablet is a little bit my friend, but it’s not going to get my love. And that is why you not buy a smartphone. And that is also why the UI in desktop mode is terrible because it’s single tasking designed for mobile.


waa my brain hurts


Careful @Judas.

As soon as they discover those,


more flexi fun