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It’s gonna blow !!!


Me testing some Unity terrain. Woo!


Don’t mind if I do


Explain more. Not that i can use unity. There’s a bug with mouse in the scene view. But as far i know High Fidleity does not have terrain tools.

So, always interested if there are better way’s to make high quality terrains. So far the best one i made still did need a 4096 texture. and the terrain is <400 meters


Now everybody knows where you hide the cans. :grin:


Unity has a Terrain tool that is not completely supported by the exporter. What I had to do is export the terrain mesh as an obj then reimport it into Unity. In order to be textured the obj also has to be unwrapped in Blender. Unfortunately the cool tools like the auto tree placement and grass placement do not export at all and have to be placed manually. So basically, the only thing it is useful for is making an untextured terrain mesh.


Aha. ok. but i can make a terrain simple in blender without unity.
Am waiting first for better placement tools in high fidelity.


To place a terrain… maybe you should use the coordinates… you risk another deception :wink:


Yeah I don’t like making terrain in Blender. No that I don’t know how, I just prefer how Unity’s tools work. Placement is 1:1 in Unity, which is nice. You can export the entire scene as a json but apparently the blender tool has the same scene exporting abilities, but it’s not working for me right now. If I were to create an entire sandbox layout at a time, I would definitely lay it out in Unity for the ease of prototyping.

@Alezia.Kurdis what do you mean?


Simply that try to place an object of 7 km X 7 km with a minimum of accuracy is a lot easier using the coordinates in the editor than any placement tool.
But well… maybe I’m too much cartesian. :wink:


In the Unity Editor? Definitely. I can choose the exact location to the T. In the HiFi Create menu? I can get it close, but I’ll always end up with some weird 1000.00029 somehow. Seems like a floating point division error?


Welp, I just submitted my first marketplace item. A ceiling lamp.


didn’t realize piper was into feet. lol o.O



Speaking of which - if anyone would like a drink, please help yourself :smile:

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Synced zombie line dance!


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power vs conveniance who will win