Random Picture Thread


Yeah different use bases definitely.

The old vive price got cut though to 499. so its more aligned with the oculus price. They are just gauging it with the “pro” version.

Also I think the vive pro is just the headset (lol what)


Yes. Seems like a price gauge for enthusiasts and possibly an unfavorable business move but what do I know about business? :blush: To be clear, I currently have NO intention to upgrade to a Vive Pro; buuuuuuut if HTC wanted to send my dev team one… :smiley:

  • and Lighthouse 2.0
  • and some 2.0 sensor pucks
  • and knuckles controllers

k, thx bia!


DARPA had no idea what the internet would end up being used for. Let us hope that net neutrality wins in the end. or… should I title this “Some avatars walked into a bar and…”


What a meta cool snapshot of such a wonderfully immersive evening :purple_heart::sunglasses:

Thank you so much, Twink!


Yes, it was a cool thing. I’ve been to a lot of online events that had connections to real life events but that one was fun with the two direction interactions. And on our end, with people from all over the world.




Cloning gone bad.


That hair looks really good!! does it move?


Yes, not only does it move, you or others can move it with your hands etc. And this can work with other body parts too.

Although it is hard to recognise him in that snapshot, let’s all give Philip a thumbs up for his new purple hair makeover :slight_smile:


Philip as an anime character… never thought the day would come.

I updated my avatar. It’s hard to read as a small image so I gotta fix up the lighting because it looks TOO DARK! but for the time being here’s a high res version


I asked if they had plans to build this functionality into the C++ so we as users get better performance. Currently it exists as a model+javascript driver. @Menithal should take a look at the files:


and here:

then build-in a write-up to the Avatar Standards for physics-enabled joints/bones that follow some name convention. That way, the folks working the C++ can author what is inside the .js (there are name hooks for picking up which bones to use this mechanism on) into those files. That way there aren’t name hooks like " head_* or hair_* " being used. It could be more generic; maybe using a new physics flag pb_ to denote a ‘physics bone’. Further, there needs to be (currently spheres) size and shape for the bone to ‘bounce off of’ these spheres are defined in the .js but was hoping they could be incorporated into the .fst in similar fashion to blendshapes.

Thoughts or feels?

Watching Philip dance around with that avatar was pretty damn cool. There are plenty of performers that would benefit from a proper C++ integration of this technology.

This ‘coolness’ is on par with the introduction of the puck sensor real-time mocap.

Much Shiny! Wow!



Shame I missed the event :slight_smile:

When I saw the hair stuff worked on a good while back is suggested going on the route that you can set bones via script to have various physical properties so that

Something like

MyAvatar.setBoneDynamic('BoneName/Index', Properties)

you could technically turn your own avatar into a ragdoll if you wanted without entities. That way people could have what ever bones set to

That way people can utilize them for whatever, but those following the standards would get presets made by the community.


building things just cos


No animals were harmed in the creation of these gifs.


face explodes into triangles due to once in a billion bug


From the creator of the Fox Bomb,
This Spring,

The Fox Nuke.
Rendering will never be the same.


Oh wait till we have the next actual community meeting (I wont do it during non-community meetings)


Interesting Fireside Chat with Philip and Dr. Adam Gazzaley


Spectator Sphere Avatars watching live VR theater!


Off to see Ready Player One. Promise no spoilers.