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Offers @Judas a napkin


Phone Phun.


Which Smartphone do you use ?-)


The phone is an ASUS Zenphone AR. I don’t know what I am doing and there are some rendering, crashes and other issues but it looks pretty good on the small screen.

I hope I can get the Daydream VR display mode and controller working but I have not tried it yet.


I just took delivery of a galaxy note 8. It supports Google daydream natively. Is the Android build available for install or must it be built manually?




I’ll be putting this thing through it’s paces via Daydream VR later in the week…


runs fine on the iphone x


i see what you did there.


Prince tunes




Salina: Is this thing on?


about time the market got some love


SSS in mirror looks like BLOOD???

A little context…

Decided why not show a friend how awesome shopping can be in Virtual Reality.

5 min later…

“ummm… why is my face bleeding?!”

ME: uh… I need to report this. Hold still.


Ok, so Subsurface Scattering (i think?) or some kind of shadow problem is happening in the mirror.

Steps to replicate:
Put on the default female avatar.
Walk into this store on Avatar Island.
In desktop mode, your avatar will appear to be bleeding from the face and neck.

This might also be some error in Ambient Occlusion.

Needless to say, I was slightly confused and a bit lost for words explaining this to someone on their first visit to the island.

I can’t bring clients here. Even during demonstrations on our biggest stage Zaru, personal friends and former co-workers of your executives were perplexed by how frequently things fall apart here.

Alarm bells are sounding…

2 steps forward. 3 backward.



Tutorial Make Your Own TV Single View link https://youtu.be/RTBhEMtedo4

This Time Show You How To Make Your Own Android TV FlatScreen Panel


avatar is on its way :slight_smile: still have some work to do though



Ignis Found a new recipeh, eh?
Also note sure if that is vr related