Random Picture Thread


This has bones… it must be an avatar :wink:


New Boots and Panties

at rust it goes like this

somthing to do with the zone i recons dosent like transparency


I forget which control is for crouch. NOOOO!



Uhmm, i hope you remember how to jump…


I made a london cabmans shelter


look i did art thats art is wot that is


I wonder how this happened…


@Twa_Hinkle this usually happens because the Asset Server is down when the backup is being created.
Is it possible your asset server has been down for the past couple days?

Another possibility is the server having issues reading the backups from disk. You can always restart the server to see if it manages to load them correctly.


The 50’s 2cv car had one more gear than hifi


Cuter than HiFi, too


Mi Blender code quest dongle showed up
If anyone woudl like instructions on how to make a similar hd turntable animation pm me


Took longer to get to the U.S., but here’s my rocket!


the bat , the lips

whats your sign o.o

cross my palm with hfc and ill tell your hifiscope

the wenker anchor


Are you doing virtual chinese horoscope?
I think we must be in the mussel’s year.


Oh my Flying Spaghetti Monster!
As soon as XaoticA is back online (i.e. able to update) you have ro find it in the Eris Discordia Sign :purple_heart::green_apple::small_red_triangle::sunglasses:




…you see…what we want you to see…


A little explanation would be great!


Springtime in the desert.

An interesting chat with Philip Rosedale and Peter Diamandis in HiFi.