Random Picture Thread



made me an islandy thing


Dont fall of it ! It’s a long way down !


Uh? It’s still a bit cryptic.


well my beutifull wafting in the wind grass has issues

thinks ill try again next week


got it workin only cost me mi sanity


You get your sanity back.

If you sit on that beach with the grass and water.
(hope there’s animated water)



would you PLEASE stop being so good at this?


Funny. I explained yesterday that sansar is not so good for normal creators because everything looks shiny and profesional (and possible made by pro’s) And that with high fidelity you not have that feeling so quick.

And then you post this. Ok admit. i still cannot make that to.


U know when you go on a walk and think maybe i shoulda brought some water
in Vankh




207 was the highest pic I took. It was higher but hard to get a picture of.


A few pics from today's stress test

OK one more picture, while it s was a lot of fun yesterday


Things that make me angry in hifi No1

the worlds worst location selection thing


Oh yes. That is a very frustrating one. But small fonts still at NR.1 for me this NR.2 i think.


Please people, is someone else have such a font problem?
(Personally I don’t, and nobody else is talking about that. So I wonder if it’s an isolated case.)


I do not have good eyes. Why is it so hard to add option to make the font bigger.

The small font is i think the biggest stopper still to use high fidelity with fun. Oh. the cache implementation is the other frustrating one. And some things in the create tool. but mabye that’s fixed soon.

Log window , Debug Window.

Both are QT. That are the 2 that really need some bigger font for me. i think everything else can be delayed for a bit. The QT font is already not the best quality in high fidelity in the log and debug itself, Bad font type.


I can see the font ok, but font size should be user definable cos its a basic need
Blender does it. Im all for choice. Why isnt there a number in the code that richardus can change to 100000 and have a font bigger than he is if he wants it. its like having the audio at 1 fixed volume