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No, really no. I have lots and lots of issues with Hifi that make building a nightmare, difficulties for users and general bad design in places but really font size is not nor ever has been a problem for me or anyone else I have spoken to except Richardus. Frankly Richo you have made your point, its time to let it go and move on mate, there are so many other things that need the Devs attention.


Whats on your top 5 wishlist?


Sorry, i cannot let it go until i can resize in some way at least the fonts in the log and console. It’s just a freaking simple option that need to be available in persistent config file where you set the font size and font type.

You guys all have good eyes. your lucky.
But i cannot really use high fidelity if you cannot read something simple like the logs.

It can also just be the problem that the use a wrong strange font type not really compatible with windows but fine on mac.

And yes, there’s a freaking long list of old problems that need to be fixed. If the did listen years ago and did add the option ti change font in some way. The wall would be not here.

This problem will come back from time to time until it’s fixed. I tried everything.


First platform that have a fint size option is far ahead.
Last picture, but it still soudns nobody likes to see high fidelity grow.

You see on this screenshot that the menu text is perfect readable and sharp. The console and log window just, uhmm suck in font type and size. It’s not cripsy and sharp but the consoel and log window have a blur and tiny font.

Here’s a magnified picture. And you really see why the log is harder to read.

The font’s the create ap use are 10 times bettr then the console and log window.

Oh @judas picture of the tablet goto page looks tgerrible to. tiny light grey colored fonts. Yuck.


Completely agree and I think it’s a pretty serious problem. Sansar’s full-page atlas is a breeze to browse. And each thumbnail image has a short description of the place. If one of the gripes is that nobody is hanging out in HiFi then certainly the fact that it’s not enjoyable and downright difficult to FIND places must be on the short list of issues to solve. The Recent Snaps section is not helpful in finding a new location. What would be helpful would be a way to see more locations at once with descriptions. The current number of people in that place is helpful.


You wanna go there? Ok you asked for it.
There are levels of issues, are you asking me what Hifi should do or what I want? Because there is so much that needs fixing from a new users POV that would improve HIfi but I no longer care about that, I am more concerned about the difficulties I have to deal with on a daily basis as an experienced and “professional” builder. Are you asking about my experience with Hifi interface or my experience with Hifi inc? Because hifi has issues but the most frustrating thing is posting bugs and it just gets (seemingly) ignored because its rare to get a response from devs. There are still bugs that I posted about years ago and I dont know if they are being worked on or have been ignored. Are you talking about bugs in existing systems or urgently needed new features?

  1. I dont like to use the word hate but I hate the editing system. I mostly use CADavids but he is not going to maintain it for much longer unless Hifi pulls a few thousand regular users out of thin air. We cant expect professional people to keep working for free year after year can we?
    Positioning and rotation: Because moving by hand is so imperfect I always use the “dial in the numbers” to get final position and rotation, the haphazard behaviour of the input fields, clicking highlites the whole field and I have to click 5 times to get it unselected so I can backspace and input numbers smaller than one. I want a selectable step amount. ones, tenths, hundreths etc instead of just whole numbers.
    Or like the rest of the computer world does, click once and insert cursor where you clicked, or click twice to highlite the whole field. Why is this so difficult to have?
    (point 1a. Hifi refuses to stick to accepted standards and wants to do everything different)
    The new handles look cool but they carry some of the same issues that have always been there, grabbing an arrow is like herding a cat, it goes where it wants to. Rotate rings are too thin and difficult to select the horiz spin from front on.

  2. Hifi looks crappy and cartoony, I dont know anything about the graphics engine but everything I build or buy from a regular modeling market looks great in Blender, great in Unity, great in Maya, great in AFrame, but lousy in Hifi. Second rate graphics are just sad in this day and age, they introduced PBR but it still almost impossible to make anything look really good.

  3. No form of occusion culling or render order, EVERYTHING in the scene for miles begins to render on entry and takes forever and looks stupid until it has finished.
    a) “Render order” Why cant stuff render from a radius from the user outwards. Or let me select render priority.
    b) “Occlusion culling” When I’m outside why does it have to render every item in a closed room that never gets seen until you walk into the room, conversely when I’m inside a room why does it have to render everything outside the room that I shouldnt see beyond the walls, until I walk out of the room? Makes it impossible to create realistic scenes without overload to the client.

  4. Things go missing never to be seen again, Stuff used to relocate itself to the origin but now it just goes away, and moves around after reboots for no known reason.

  5. No help…“Yer on yer own Jack”. incomplete docs and undocumented features, no running bug log, so we can see whats being worked on, whats a known bug and whats unknown. Little or no support from devs with questions on forums, hardly any presence at all on the forums by devs. There is only one or two devs who bother answering the forums these days.
    We feel abandoned and left to fend for ourselves and its always been like this. Seems like devs spend no time inworld working with the tools we have, or else they would know what we go thru.
    There are so many amazing things that Hifi can do but we dont know about them, they are never explained.

Only 5? Not enough, but thats all I have time for now so thanks for asking. BTW these are points from someone who LOVES Hifi for what it can be, and hanging in there on the chance it does become all it can be. But I have watched thousands of people come and go and never come back, and Philip asking what can they do to market Hifi. Its not a matter of marketing, dont be putting on a bunch of promotional and marketing people, just fix the stuff that we (the 12 users who have been here for years) have been telling you needs fixing, and they will come, by the thousands, and stay. Put on a Game Designer for heaven’s sake, stop letting the coders dictate what the finished platform will look like. Judas said this before. Coders should not be designing this because they build to their strengths, rather than to user preferences.
You end up with something that coders love but everyone else hates.


Why High Fidelity is not simple release a “Directory API”, so we could make our own web based directory app?

Maybe it could be interesting to see what it could generate as concept for that.

Give us a way to fetch the list, with some “sorting keys” and a “From” and “To” parameters.


It’s perfect in Desktop mode. in VR the font the use in the atlas is criminal hard to read. At that point High fidelity is doing it much better !


Tempted to ask to post the other 995 problems.
But that wopuld take to much time for you.
And your already short on time

I can add Nr.6

  1. Not option to edit , Fix or Update deactivated marketplace items.
    So when that happens, you get pretty demotivated for something that would be simple, to change by update the script or at least add some instructions to the description how to use it. It’s impossible.

How to scare creators away , catch 222


Thanks for posting this, Adrian. What your comments say to me: “Wow, you aren’t a mediocre builder trying to figure out how things work here in HF. You many just be someone struggling against staggering odds.” All of the things you said are things that happen to me, that I chalked up to being not skilled enough to handle the world.

I do not have endless hours of time to fiddle with things. Until I retire, I have to work and pay bills. For the love of all that is holy, make this platform friendly or the 12 Alphas who have stuck around because they believe in HF will be all there is.


Dont hold back say what you really think :stuck_out_tongue:
Tends to agree
1 Yes the bu0ilding tools stink(we should prob build completly in blender and use use the menithalmegatools to bring stuff in
2 May be our own incompitence, the real teller will be once were compatible with substance gtlf, no hiding then.( we need some lighting enviorments to match substances to be sure were comparing like for like)
3 People do say this, I havent really had a problem with it, but I could just be lucky
4 This is just you lol its your richardus font equivalent lol. I have had nothing dissapear that wasnt deleted
5 Totally on the money.Hifi is insanely complex to use, Philip made a speech about secondlife being like a piano to use we are like playing 2 pianos.
Hifi was built on a few flawed assumptions about what easy.Uploading to a server is 2 back end nerd for most people. I can only do that stuff because of endless time given to me by early alphas, u thoys kev. I would never ever ever have figured it out.

  1. The build tools are for years a disaster. started since voxels did go away. Where lucky that this year a better move tool came in. Still painfull to move things. And dont try to move by numbers, @Adrian explained the problem already.

Make it 2 piano’s and guitar that you need to play with your feet.

@DrFran No it’s not your skills. It’s high fidelity

Afraid that new platforms mabye start to get usable in 5 years rate of fixing problems. If people still use it then.


No dude… this DOES happen. @Jess made a post about it as a ‘known-issue’ and they are continuing to hunt / fix the problem. I’ll note, it has gotten to be less of an occurrence, but it does still happen. I had 1 model and 1 zone do this to me on ‘import’ last night during OBS recording of a demo video… fwiw, it’s why I’ve taken all of the things that make High Fidelity difficult OUT of interface. :wink: it’s like @Cracker.Hax told you all years ago, this place is just a VR rendering browser. It’s just like Chrome for the web. You wouldn’t use Chrome to build a website, you’d use it to view your work, or troubleshoot it. Once you realize you can outsource full-blown frameworks and pump them back into this ‘browser’ you’ll be able to do great things too. I have no ill-will about SL and it’s users, but until they can think outside the box; they’ll be held back by it’s limitations.

…to be continued…


Maybe it only happens to people who’s names begin with A
I use to get it when my domain was on my laptop , that i put down to the file not writing everytime.Hasnt happened on the amazon one.


i made a thing fungal cave thing



Let me know what’s inside there. :open_mouth:


What magic did you use to do this?


@Alezia.Kurdis shared a link to https://kuula.co/tinyplanet/7PJ8k
i just clicked the tinly planet button and got lucky
they would make cool portal images


Here is another zero-context image for you in the Random Picture Thread.

I miss you guys a lot. It’s been roughly a year since I’ve been able to attend regular meetups and do the things I love to do here; but I promise I’ll be back more regularly soon. My team and I have been working on some things and some stuff we think you’re really gonna like; and if it’s total sh*t well then let us know and we’ll make it better. If anyone sees Thijs around… tell him I said hi.

Have fun at the road to a billion meetup. I promise I’ll add at least one more to that total just as soon as I can.


please refer to

I refuse to accept incompetence when I was never properly instructed, the fault lies with the support system. If it is possible to get really good looking graphics (and I think it might be because I have seen somne good stuff) then somebody needs to step up and properly deliver to us the complete set of documents instructing how. This is not a game of hide and seek or a search and discover, the tools should be properly documented and they simply arent. The result will be that none of the general users will ever achieve anything half decent, and I blame the lack of docs. The fact that they arent provided is where the wheels fall off. You could be forgiven for saying its early days and things will change, for even up to 3 years but this thing has been going for over 5 years now so that excuse fails. The incompetence lies not with the users I’m afraid but with those responsible for providing the documentation.