Random Picture Thread


what a differance a week makes
this avatar is nolonger supprted by hifi

totally demotivated


And the bad thing is (the are smart) Nobody can wear pitchforks or torches now ?!



I’ll find a way…








Philip surfs the crowd

and what’s up with the stats?



Best one i took
or that


Hmmm, that’s secind load test i expect that when you make a snapshot abd choice the second icon it get saved direct to this feed. Fail. it must be on the hdd.
Why is there no option to post into here. While there’s a twitter and facebook option i prefer to not see at all.

I check my pictures later.

Btw, it where fun !



Welcome back group hug to Caitlyn at the Thursday meeting. Makes me think we should have an “Avatar pile” emote/animation.




The highest avatar number that I got a picture of:

It really worked much better today for me at least. Very few purple spheres, audio was better and I didn’t crash once!

It really seemed crowded up close.


Quentin seemed to be more well known than Apple.




It where fun. You not got the idea there where 300+ avatars.