Random Picture Thread



https://www.twitch.tv/videos/311411056## if you missed the maker meeting you can watch it here


oooh what gives


WTF & 20 characters!!!


What did you do ?
Is that a global message for simple something like your item is removed from marketplace because something is wrong and you have no claim at all.

I only got e-mail complain.
Guilty for using SPACES !

Thinking if i go fix that, or wait until we can edit things and fix it easy. The complain about items. then mark it invalidated. But lock you out to and you cannot check anything. because the forgot to implement the long wanted edit mode.

Ok, for this time only WTF is going on.


I didn’t do anything it’s on some chairs I bought
I’m not wild on things I have being taken away
It’s very apple


Aah. I know you did not do anything. I did misread the message. Back to the cold floor sit. :\



You tried to scale it with the spheres in the placement tool. and the create tool slipped and now it’s this nice big size. :smiley:

You need a big ladder. :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t let those Jawas sell you a droid with a bad motivator. :smiley: :smiley:


Actually, Georges L. stole the idea from the Nasa… so … :wink:
Anyway, what will be over it will make the difference :wink:


That looks cool. What is the domain name?


The 360 images are incredibly cool… how did you accomplish this?


The last Camera application can do 360 screenshots. Free on Marketplace.


High Fidelity VR I Maker Meeting I Virtual Reality I Live




Somebody did forgot to close the fence ! :grin:


Who let the hippos out? who, who… who, who?


This Time On Community Maker Meeting We Had Some Scary Talk And The Future Of HiFi Discussion


Check It On YouTube and Twitch


Last Avatar Standing I Game Show I Live 3pm PDT ToDay … Special Guest Host: @XaosPrincess
Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/hfcommunityusers