Random Picture Thread


Had a wonderful time last night at the Last Avatar Standing Contest. Philip showed up toward the end to join in the fun. If you haven’t tried this it happens weekly at this point. Xaos was a terrific celebrity host. LastAvatarStandingContest_10_3_2018_-7|410x500


Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures!
It was incredibly much fun to do it :slight_smile:
I loved the interaction with the participants.
Looking forward to next week :purple_heart: :game_die: :sunglasses:



Hmmmmm… GenoD, the Check-In Helper hasn’t moved since I wandered over here. Is he a ghost?



Another fun Gigameetup. The highest I got a picture of was 423.

The entries for the Best Avatar contest:

There were many other avatars in the audience that were also very good, too many to post here.
It is working better each time and worked great for me, bugs and all!



Great movie sbin! It catches the atmosphere very nicely. All the talk and buzz.


I don t have make it, I have just found it-)


So exciting… I regret not being able to attend this one. It’s amazing the sense of immersion when there are so many people in one place.




High Fidelity VR Maker Meeting [ Ideas ] 9th ‎October 2018


I love this one Sbin - thanks for posting it! I was so busy with all those interviews I didn’t see as much of the event as I would have liked.:grinning:




Starring Caitlyn she is back with a tutorial or is she a fairy now who knows


High Fidelity VR I Last Avatar Standing I Game Show I Zombies Special Guest Host: Xaos Princess



High Fidelity VR I Community Meeting I New Features
This week lots of change going on meetings have been changed and a lot of more new features are coming check it out https://youtu.be/Pho1HSKassA?t=158


High Fidelity VR Halloween I Last Avatar Standing I Game Show I Host: Xaos Princess

check it out https://youtu.be/do82R_6Hi-U