Random Picture Thread


Confusing picture :sweat_smile:
Looks like mixed reality, but not sure.


if anyone wants to ask me about this please email info at judasshuffle@gmail.com


Looks like a nice event. For me unfortunately a FutVRe Land with 200 white balls and voices from every corner. Not a single avatar was loaded for me. Maybe next time :wink:


Same here, I view in this way so far :slight_smile:


Thomas Dolby in duet with Jason Morantz. Despite some problems this was one of the best events yet in HiFi.

Brought to you by… Science!


@CedarLibrarian having his photo taken by Paparazzi after winning the Futvrlands Avatar contest.


Merry Christmas from FOUR YEARS AGO. Here you can see how High Fidelity has progressed by leaps and bounds.
Also: (sob) loss of the face shift that captured facial expressions.

Edit for typos.


Memory lane tripping. When voxels ruled!!!

I bet @Judas has some older ones.


Despite some hiccups, currently have this to present at the maker meeting today (assuming I get any sleep).

For fully random:

… I changed it back.

The oldest snap I have that I can find?

October 1, 2015