Random Picture Thread



After Queen Nefertari’s Tomb Tour, I bring you …


So you’ve got analog recordings of Chocka’s hair? :smile:


Zone controls like AO, haze and glare are best used sparingly to add subtle effects that make things look more realistic. On the other hand, sometimes it is fun to just crank it all up.


Yiur getting to close to a White dwarf sun. A bit closer and everything goes up in flames.

How this picture looks for me.


A gazillion or so years ago, at a gallery show in Second Life. I certainly prefer my new avatar, haha. :smiley:


I have that same jacket in SL :slight_smile:



Good morning. :wink:





LOL. I love it! This needs to be framed LOL.



If you see this inworld.
People run straight to the exit door.
The colors are so poor, so flat and soft. It just looks ugly.

Excuse is mabye, the colors are so dull because it looks better in VR. It just looks bad.


Not to be a contrarian, but just the other day I brought 2 people into High Fidelity for the first time. One had some VR experience, the other didn’t. I brought them to Maker to learn how to navigate since it’s open and quiet. The loved it and squealed with delight constantly. They explored the entire grid, played with stuff that was already there, and were smiling and laughing the entire time. They didn’t comment on the colors or lighting. They just kept saying “I can’t believe I’m flying”.





Happy Valentine’s Day! :smiley:


I almost had a stroke but managed to create some blocky buildings to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sim city at a “smart cities” un-conference and it turns out I don’t have a car to take my PC and Oculus… so I’m going to just go witha laptop and play simcity and talk nonsense.

But I’m very proud, maybe just the dead brain cells talking.