Random Picture Thread


Love this heart! Is it one of your originals Ken?


Yeah, I made that on Valentine’s Day about 3 years back. Glad you like it! :slight_smile:


What the h… DanceApp




where I sits


From my vantage, you sit several hours in the future. Seems fitting :smiley:


Do we all have to start doing this now?

Sigh, waiting for my new desktop (won’t be available until mid-March), but the Predator works in VR.


I will post my desk, but first, a question:

Do I clean my desk first, or leave it messy?


Gotta leave it as is! If you do, I’ll post my beautiful mess.


Last night at the VR.IL + VRARA TLV meetup the talented Lili Ryu made a fantastic sketch of 3/5 of the panel discussion… I’m on the one on the left with male pattern baldness. :blush:


Who you callin’ crazy?! :stuck_out_tongue:



It might not count as “random”, but what the hell, eh? Here’s (left to right) me, @Caitlyn, & Hanzzer1 at the Portland “Design Reality” meetup tonight. So cool to meet & greet the peeps who I’m so accustomed to being pixels, haha. Caitlyn (who recognized me as soon as I spoke, lol), and her forerunner Donna, gave particularly fantastic talks. The third act was interesting too, but not so much geared towards the social VR space and therefore a bit of a letdown by comparison. Still, a good time & it got me out of the house for a change, haha! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have like it to play Bingo with you all.


This pic makes me smile. And @caitlyn, I LOVE that High Fidelity t-shirt: is it possible to purchase one or ten of those?


I still really hate the floating name tags, especially on pictures. High fidelity need option that not let you show nametags on other screens.

It’s just ugly bad. But removing name on my side is one step to far. so if people stay anonymous, that make sense.




@project8VR spotted in Chicago


Sheldon spotted in my home town.